How to Create a Luxury Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom gives you the chance to create a space that you adore and want to relax in. But there is a difference between creating a good bathroom and a luxurious bathroom and here at Hawk K&B, we’re here to help you to create the most luxurious bathroom imaginable. We believe that everyone deserves a bit of luxury.

But how do you go about transforming a nice bathroom into a luxurious one? How do you create something that is just a step up in sophistication, style and comfort? Having spent many years working in the industry, we can tell you just what you need to do to create a luxury bathroom. Designing a luxury bathroom is all about creating the ideal bathroom for you, something that feels luxurious and a place that you will happily be able to unwind in at the end of your work day.

The interpretation of luxury is different for everyone, which is why we’re committed to tailoring our designs to your needs. How do we do this? We follow some simple steps. 

  • Use Lavish Materials

Nothing says luxury like choosing high-quality materials. This is the first thing that you should choose and you should take the time to invest in the right ones. While you can install a bathroom quickly and cheaply using things like uPVC cladding, these aren’t going to help you create a luxurious environment. Instead, you want to use quality stone tiles and solid wood to create a sophisticated space that you will want to spend time in. 

Materials like marble, limestone, and travertine are really popular choices in luxury bathrooms. But if marble feels a little out of your budget there are some exceptional imitation marbles on the market that look just as smart as actual marble without the high price tag. The materials that you use are the foundation of your bathroom, so it’s really important that you don’t skimp on them. Pick out the material that you feel drawn to and work the budget around that. 

  • Choose Stylish Furniture

Once you’ve chosen your base materials, you want to make sure you choose stylish bathroom furniture. This includes picking the right tubs, fossettes, showerheads, basins, and toilets for your space. Before you start picking out furniture we would recommend spending some time looking for inspiration on independent websites. These can help you create some ideas you may want to include. 

Pick items that blend into your aesthetic and make sure that they’re all cohesive. We can certainly offer you some advice on this. We would recommend that you make sure to remember storage. This is a part of the bathroom that is often forgotten because you’re so focused on the other areas of the room. We can create bespoke storage solutions for you that will suit the environment of your luxury bathroom.

  • Make Sure to Cover All Details

The small and sometimes insignificant details are what stands between a mediocre bathroom and a luxury one. We can help you with all of the details in your design to make sure that everything has been accounted for. We can make sure that you have thought about lighting and switches and any sort of plugs you might need for makeup or shaving equipment. 

Do you want illuminated cabinets or soft-close toilet seats and drawers? These little details might seem insignificant during the larger planning stages but you’ll be grateful for them once the project is complete. These little added extras are transformational. 

If you’d like to find out more about our luxury bathrooms, then feel free to get in touch with our team today by giving us a call on 01442 803303. We would be more than happy to help you however we can.