How to Design a Quality Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom is your space. In a house that is often full of other people, it is your area that you can enjoy whenever you want. Your master bathroom needs to be convenient, with all the amenities and accessories to make getting ready in the morning easier. But it also needs to be relaxing, allowing you the time to unwind after a long day. Whether you’re looking to start the day or finish it in your bathroom, you need to make sure that its design reflects that. 

This is a big ask of any room, particularly one that’s going to be used so often, so if you’re looking for help creating this convenience sanctuary, then you’re in the right place. Our team at Hawk K&B can offer you the assistance that you need in creating that ideal bathroom. We have years worth of experience working in the industry and we can walk you through the entire redesign process from initial design through supplying those fantastic appliances and tiles to the final installation. Below are some suggestions on how to create the ideal master bathroom.

What to Consider when Creating your Master Bathroom

  • Choose your Layout Carefully

You might think that there’s not much to a bathroom. There are key pieces of furniture that are a must-have which should in theory make it easy for you to come up with a design. But in reality, there are number of factors to consider when you are choosing your bathroom layout. 

First of all, consider what additional things you would like out of your bathroom. Do you want a bath or would you prefer just to have a walk-in-shower? If you do choose a bath do you want one that is a deep tub or a clawfoot tub? 

You have several different options before you and not all of them will work with the design and layout of your space. This is where prioritising must-have over wants is important; you can have it all as long as you set your expectations and plan your layout carefully. 

  • Pick out those All-Important Details

The overall look of your master bathroom will be dictated by the details that you choose, including the style that you want and the added extras that make a bathroom. What sort of tiles are you imagining? Do you have a particular lighting style that you want to try? You have full creative control over your master bathroom, so choose something that matches the aesthetic.

If you’re not entirely sure what sort of style you want them the best thing to do is have a look on Pinterest or other design websites that can offer you inspiration for your very own bathroom. You don’t have to copy a look like for like but it’s good for inspiration. Once you know what you like or don’t like, then you can let your designer know. The earlier we know what you’re looking for, the sooner your renovation can be completed and you can enjoy your new space.

If you’re looking for some more tips and ideas about how to design your dream master bathroom or if you would like to start a consultation for your space, then get in touch with our team today. We would be more than happy to help you create that stunning, luxury master bathroom that you’ve been wanting. Give us a call at 01442 803303 to find out more.