What Colours to Use in your Kitchen in 2022

Are you trying to pick out the right colour for your kitchen redesign? Are you feeling particularly overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices? Are you concerned that the vision you have might look great but the colours are too bright? Then we can help. Here at Hawk K&B, we’re specialists in the field of kitchen and bathroom remodelling and we know that not only can we put your mind at ease but we can also help you find that dream colour to enhance your kitchen and create a space that you will fall in love with every day.

Finding the right kitchen colour can give your space a new lease of life and the colour might not be what you originally expected. Don’t be afraid to play with fun and interesting colours that you might not have considered before; emerald green for example is trending at the moment. So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your kitchen redesign, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the current colour trends for you to enjoy in 2022. 


While green hasn’t exactly been the front and centre of kitchen design for many years, the environment that it can bring is immaculate. A dark, emerald green kitchen with gold hardware and some avant-garde art on the walls. It truly would make your early 20th century art deco dreams come true. The soft colour of green can bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchen design, offering stunning darkness without bringing in the heaviness of black walls and cabinets. Whilst dark green is quite a bold colour, it is not too garish or overwhelming and it can be easily paired with, or contrasted with, a variety of other colours. It is a great foundation colour that you can build on to create your luxurious kitchen. 


The idea of having a pink kitchen might seem a little brash. Pink is actually a trendy colour to have in a kitchen. It is a real statement colour that brings in an element of fun to your space. Many people assume that a pink kitchen is overwhelming or garish. But you can use pink the way that you want to, meaning that you can use it sparingly. Perhaps you’d like a pale pink for the walls and a slightly richer, millennial pink on the cabinets. You could accent this with black or blue accessories and hardware to add contrast and depth. While this colour certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s an interesting choice if you want to try something striking and different.

Black and white

Another popular choice that you can use to create a timeless kitchen is a black and white theme. Monochrome is still a really popular choice, and particularly if you’re interested in minimalist design. The kitchen will look incredibly spacious and you can use white floorboards and surfaces to compliment matt black cabinets, the perfect look for your modern kitchen. Many customers find a lot of comfort in choosing a black and white kitchen because they know they can bring out accent colours with tea towels and other accessories like kettles and toasters.

Perhaps one real benefit of choosing a black and white kitchen over any other colour is the flexibility that it provides. If you enjoy decorating your space for the seasons, then a black and white kitchen will match whatever decorations you choose. You have control over accent colours without having to commit a large kitchen decoration.

If you’re feeling inspired to try some new colours in your kitchen remodel and you would like some more advice on picking that ideal colour for you, then you can speak to one of our specialists today by giving us a call on 01442 803303. We can’t wait to help you find that perfect shade.