Why Choose a Bespoke Wardrobe for your Home

No matter how big or small your home is, you want to make the most out of it. One of the best ways for you to do that is by choosing the right storage. The right storage solution will make sure that you have a place for everything, keeping your home tidy and organised. The perfect storage doesn’t come easy, which is why we at Hawk K&B believe that bespoke wardrobes are the ideal choice for every home.

Choosing clever storage, that is tailored to give you enough hanging space, shoe space, accessory space or drawer space, can make all the difference to the flow of your bedroom. We have been working with bespoke wardrobes for many years and we know no the best ways for us to maximise every inch of space that you have. 

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not you want bespoke wardrobes for your home or whether to choose a freestanding wardrobe, here are the main reasons to work with Hawk K&B.

We can Make the Most of your Space

However big your space might be, you don’t want it to be dominated by extra storage solutions. A bespoke wardrobe rather than several smaller storage units, like dressers or drawers can transform the flow of your room, making it feel bigger and allowing you to get more out of it. 

Freestanding wardrobes also leave a lot of unused space, which might otherwise be used for storage, especially in the gaps between the ceiling or the floor for example. Our designers can use every inch of space that you have, designing your wardrobe to fit wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. This ideal fit is revolutionary, allowing you to have space to put all of your items.

You Can Organise your Clothes

Do you wear a lot of dresses or formal wear meaning you need a lot of hanging space? Choosing bespoke wardrobes rather than freestanding units can be tailored to your needs. We can help design a bespoke wardrobe that contains more hanging space than drawer space, allowing you to hang all of your clothes accordingly. 

Additionally, if you have little to no formal wear or clothes that require hanging, then there is little point in having extensive hanging space. Our flexible interiors can be designed to offer you extra shelving space for your clothes instead. This means that you can keep all of your clothes organised.

They Work in Awkward Spaces

We all have that awkward corner in one of our rooms that could be useful for something if it was just a bit bigger or a bit easier to work with. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can. If you have sloping eaves or alcoves or an awkward corner space you can transform that into a fitted wardrobe, and effective use of the space. Because you’re using a wardrobe that has been designed specifically to the measurements of your space, you won’t end up with something that doesn’t quite fit or something that juts out. 

 If you’re looking to invest in a bespoke wardrobe for your home, then feel free to get in touch with our teams today by giving us a call on 01442 803303. We can help you find that perfect solution for every space in your house, providing you with the perfect storage for all your things.